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Tour Cano Island – Snorkeling

Caño Island is one of Costa Rica’s premier snorkeling location. Our snorkeling trip begins after breakfast when you leave from the Las Caletas beach for a 45 minutes boat ride that offers additional viewing opportunities of mating sea mammals and other pelagic fish, as well as resident dolphins and eventually whales. Upon arrival your guide will lead you to the clear water and the best spots for sighting marine life. The water surrounding the island is teeming with activity as numerous species of fish including the king angel, puffers, parrotfish, snappers, barracudas, etc. At this time hiking on Caño Island is not permitted until further notice. The day includes snorkeling, a picnic lunch on the beach and some leisure time.

Duration               6 – 7 hours

   Tour Gear              Hat, Bathing Suit, Camera, Water Bottle, Sun Screen, Insect Reppellent, Sturdy Sandals/Water Shoes, T-Shirt

Tour Type             Hike, Boat Ride, Wildlife

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