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In 1991, when we (the owners Jolanda Hess & David Argüello) decided to purchase our 8-acre beachfront property in the “Playas Las Caletas” area, Drake Bay was barley populated and meeting foreign visitors was uncommon.

Our adventure began sleeping in a tent at the beach with no electricity, no communication (no phones, radios, and internet) and access only by boat (with just a couple of small boats in the area). We started to build the “Rancho” (which today is part of our main building) on a clear part surrounded by an amazing rainforest. It was quite a challenge and for years we did all the gardening, cooking, cleaning, boat driving by ourselves.

We started our small project, trying to accomplish our ideas of eco tourism and combining our love of nature with our abilities of management, language and social skills. We built our place little by little and are continuously working to improve it. With only eight rooms (maximum capacity of approx. 20 guests) we try to minimize the environmental impact and still be able to make our living. Electricity is provided through a combined system of solar, water and public power and our three tour boats are equipped with low emission motors.

Leaving Las Caletas will basically be the same as getting here but in reverse.

Since we entertain a limited number of guests, our attention is very personal and we’ll try to make your stay as comfortable as possible, sharing with you our knowledge of the area, the country, its people and customs.

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