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Logística de viajes

A continuación describimos algunas de las opciones para llegar a Las Caletas Lodge desde el área de San José. Háganos saber qué opciones elige o cualquier necesidad especial que pueda tener para que podamos coordinar todos los arreglos. Tenga en cuenta que el acceso a Las Caletas es solo en barco. Le recomendamos que use zapatos para el agua y pantalones cortos. La mayoría de los vuelos nacionales salen temprano en la mañana, por lo que su vuelo internacional debería llegar muy temprano para poder realizar el viaje completo en un día. Si no puede llegar lo suficientemente temprano, es posible que deba pasar la noche en San José. Si es así, podemos recomendarle un buen B & B cerca del aeropuerto internacional.

    We recommend bringing sturdy sandals, long sleeve rash guard and/or long sleeve shirts for sun protection, rain jacket, bathing suits and casual quick drying clothing. Hiking boots and tennis shoes are fine for most of the year. We do provide rubber boots if necessary. You should also bring along any specialty items that you may require such as: – Sunscreen with a high protection factor – Insect repellent – Flashlight with extra batteries – Sunglasses – Hat – Water bottle to refill
    There are no restaurants, bars or stores around us, so that we serve two delicious meals which are included in our daily rate. Tours such as Corcovado or Caño Island do include a picnic lunch. Additional lunch at the lodge or a take-away lunch box are available to purchase.
    We accept US dollars, Euros, Costa Rican colones, VISA and Mastercard credit cards for all payments. We do not accept travelers’ checks. There are no ATM’s in the area. Throughout San José as well as in most small towns you will find Costa Rican banks with ATM machines.
    Our staff is not dependent on tips, but if you consider the service was good, feel free to tip. US dollars are welcome as tips.
    Our water comes from a natural spring and is generally safe to drink. However we do filter the spring water with a micro ceramic filter to ensure that it is clean and safe to drink.
    We generate part of our electricity with ecofriendly solar and water power, as we have done exclusively for many years. Some years ago we got connected to the public electricity network. In case of power outages this system also works as a backup. We have 110 volt outlets in the dining area and all of our accommodations. Most cell phones will work.
    In the Costa Rican Southern Pacific we have two marked seasons. The dry season from December through April with many hours of sunshine and very occasional rains and the rainy season from May through November with typically daily afternoon or night showers and possible thunderstorms and heavy rains. The air temperature is between 25 and 31 degrees Celsius (77–88 degrees Fahrenheit) depending on the season and the water temperature is between 28 and 31 degrees Celsius (82-88 degrees Fahrenheit) all year round.
    Please remember that we are at Costa Rica rainforest, with all of the animals that live around here. Most of them are harmless, but please do not touch or feed any of them. Our beach is usually a calm swimming and snorkeling beach, but at times we do have swells coming in that can make it a little difficult to get in and out the water. With proper caution, and by following our guidelines, your trip will be enjoyable and comfortable.

De Sierpe a Bahía Drake

El viaje en barco desde Sierpe a Drake Bay le lleva de 1 a 1 1/2 horas. En su camino por el río Sierpe podrá observar idílicos manglares, aves marinas y quizás cocodrilos. Después de unos 45 minutos cruzará la desembocadura del río y continuará su viaje hacia la costa durante unos 20 minutos más, hasta llegar a las playas de “Las Caletas”. ¡ATENCIÓN !: ¡Tus pies se mojarán tan pronto como salgas del bote!

Salir de Las Caletas será básicamente lo mismo que llegar aquí pero al revés.

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